Female fertility treatments

Female fertility treatments

We offer practical and effective treatments for many issues that prevent conception and pregnancy. Our aim is to remove the barriers that prevent you from becoming pregnant and allow you to conceive naturally. 

See our Australian Natural Fertility YouTube station to view videos on some of the different things we treat.

We offer treatments for the following:

Menstrual disorders

Menstrual disorders such as dysmenorrhea (painful, light, flooding or no periods). We can help bring on and regulate periods that may not have come back after stopping the contraception pill. We can get rid of painful periods and the PMS that typically comes with it. If you don't have a 27 - 30 days cycle with 4 - 7 days of fresh red menses we can get that for you within a few cycles! Learn more >


Endometriosis is the main cause of period pain and a definite sign that things are not working properly down there. We have successful treatments that can resolve these issues and can keep them away long term. Learn more >

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Our treatments can resolve PCO and PCOS within weeks to months depending how severe the condition is and bring your cycle back to normal and have you ovulating on time every time. Learn more >

Low Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)

If you've been told your ovarian reserve is low and that IVF is the only option you have to get pregnant you need to watch this. We can turn back the clock on your ovaries help return your egg quality back to levels where they can be fertilised naturally or improve blastocyst rates for people undergoing IVF. Learn more >

Hormone imbalances

If you know, or your doctor has said, that your hormones are running wild and creating problems with your fertility, you will typically have other symptoms to accompany those problems (such as menstrual or ovulatory disorders). When we treat the the different problems that may be disrupting your fertility, you will find that hormonal balance returns to normal at the same time. We do have specific treatments to help balance the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (the main hormonal centres that interact for fertility function), but these treatments will typically coincide with other symptoms you have. Learn more >

Other issues

Got absolutely nothing wrong with you? All your tests are back, you are fine, your partner is fine, IVF has failed and nothing seems to be working? What does that mean? It means the tests don't tell us everything and there is some 'X factor' that is getting in the way. This is where our Comprehensive Fertility Program comes to the fore. Learn more >

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