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Low Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)

Anti-Mullerian Hormone. The who, what and why.

If you've been told your AMH levels (ovarian reserve) is low and that IVF is the only option you have to get pregnant you need to watch this. We can turn back the clock on your ovaries help return your egg quality back to levels where they can be fertilised naturally or improve blastocyst rates for people undergoing IVF

What is AMH?

  • It is a hormone released to assist in egg production in your ovaries.
  • It works in conjunction with FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) to produce eggs.
  • The more AMH you have the less FSH you need to produce a good egg. This is a good thing.
  • The less AMH you have the more FSH you need to produce and egg. This is a bad thing.
  • On AMH tests a score above 14 is great, the closer you get to 0 the harder it is for your body to produce a good egg.
  • AMH test is only 70% accurate. Science still speculates on what it really signifies.
  • AMH was originally used for detecting early onset menopause. Because women are no longer fertile when they are menopausal it became a marker for Ovarian Reserve.

What does AMH have to do with Low Ovarian Reserve?

  • The lower you AMH less Ovarian Reserve you are supposed to have.
  • The less Ovarian Reserve you have the harder it is for a woman's eggs to be fertilised.
  • Ovarian Reserve should be replaced with Egg Quality.
  • A typical menopausal woman still has 10000 eggs left when she reaches menopause. 
  • That's a lot of eggs remaining considering you only need 1 per cycle to get pregnant.
  • In reality is if you've been diagnosed with Low AMH 70% of the time it means your eggs are difficult to fertilise.

What are the Treatment Options? 

  • 10 years ago IVF centres preferred not to treat women with Low AMH because success rates were terrible.
  • Nowadays chances of falling pregnant are still low. See this graph published in a scientific study for current success rates.
  • Science and modern medicine have no treatment to improve Low AMH or improve Egg quality. 
  • We do. Using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine we can improve Egg quality and improve fertilisation rates.
  • Depending on how low your AMH levels are we may be able to improve your egg quality in a matter of months.
  • If you wish to turn back the clock on your eggs before undergoing IVF we can improve your egg pick up rate.
  • We can also improve blastocyst rates in IVF, because your egg quality has been improved.

 Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine has a rich history in treating difficult health problems that Modern Medicine has no answers for. We treat the root cause of your problem, so that the body can perform its functions normally.

At Australian Natural Fertility Townsville, Mackay and Whitsundays we use Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat a wide range of gynaecological disorders and help people conceive naturally and improve the outcomes of IVF.

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