Comprehensive Couples Program

Comprehensive Couples Program

For would be parents who want peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to get pregnant.

The program is designed to remove the barriers that prevent you from becoming pregnant, by providing clinically proven formulas and weekly acupuncture sessions you can join the 90%+ couples that have used this program successfully to make their dreams come true.

We are so confident that this program will work, that if you are not pregnant at the end of the program we will give you 50% of your money back! Alternatively the lady may wish to use that refund for another 4 months of treatment. This has been a successful option for ladies who have seen the changes in their cycle and the way they are feeling but the 'magic' just hasn't happened just yet.

For Him

  • This program involves 12 weeks of treatment for the man. 
  • He will receive fortnightly formulas to take twice per day and weekly acupuncture appointments so we can turn his swimmers into Michael Phelps, have them looking as attractive as Brad Pitt and as populous as Minions. 
  • Your eggs will find them irresistible! 
  • If the man has substandard sperm, more time may needed to bring them up to speed and this could offset the time when the woman begins her program. 
  • The cost of the man's program is $787.34 per month.

For Her

  • This program involves 20 weeks of treatment for the ladies. 
  • She will receive fortnightly formulas to take twice per day and a weekly acupuncture appointment. 
  • We will first resolve any menstrual or fertility issues, and once they have been taken care of we begin using our 100% Fertility formula to work its magic. Depending on pre-existing issues with the lady's fertility health more work may have to be done to resolve these issues. 
  • One thing we can guarantee you is that you will have a 'perfect' period of between 27-30 days with 4-7 days of fresh red blood, little to no PMS and other menstrual symptoms, and ovulating great quality eggs on time every month. 
  • The cost of the ladies program is $643.67 per month.

Best Deal

The total cost of the program is $5580.73. For couples who pay for the program up front we will reduce the cost to $4990! 

We've a very high success rate with this stragety and it comes with a guarantee! 

We will refund 50% of your program if you do not fall pregnant within 6 months of completing your treatment*.

*Terms & conditions apply

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